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Welcome to the Lyvly community for landlords who care. We’ve included our offer to you below for

Let’s make a better world together

We care about you, about taking care of your home and about helping make a great life for the people that will live there. We rent your property for 3-5 years, giving you guaranteed income with no fees and no empty periods.

Better quality tenants

We really care about who lives in a Lyvly home. Our vetting process is far more extensive than estate agents. You can be confident that you have the best quality professionals living in your home.

More money in your pocket, guaranteed

We pay you guaranteed rent each month so you never have to miss rental income, pay agent fees, or have empty periods. This means our landlord partners earn between 10% to 30% more.

No hassle

We take care of everything, so you have no need for a letting agent or estate agent, saving you money and time. That’s one less thing to think about :-)

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Our landlord partners say it all


“Lyvly definitely kept all its promises, and then some. I’ve been really impressed from start to finish”


“Lyvly don’t just do their job, they go the extra mile. It’s been an absolute delight to deal with them”


“Given my 25 years' experience in the property business I've found Lyvly to be professional and their quality of work is excellent.”

Download a full reference pack here:
Reference Pack

Shall we talk money?

This is our offer to you. We will pay you this each month from the start date of the lease. We’ve also tried to show you how this compares to renting through an estate agent rather than direct to Lyvly.
Money in your pocket
Empty periods
Estate agent fees
(£710 per week)
(£710 per week)
(£725 per week)
- £5,429
(12% + VAT)
- £1,033
(10 days per year)
(£601 per week)
Estate Agent
Rent per year
Our offer to you of £710 per week gives you in the region of:
more each year than using an estate agent.

The lease, and other important things

We’ve summarised the key terms of the our agreement below.
3 years
Rent of £710 per week
Start date in February 2019 (exact date to be agreed)
Download an example of your lease here. If your not fluent in legal-speak, we can email you a helpful companion guide to make more sense - just give us a shout.
Download Lease

Next Steps


Feel free to ask Q’s, or say yes

If you want to proceed, just let us know, or feel free to ask any questions you have. Just have a chat with your Lyvly contact.


Provide basic info

There are a few documents we need to proceed (basic things like proof that you own the place). Nothing too time consuming. We’ll walk you through it quickly and easily.


Sign lease & receive rent

Once you are happy just sign the lease online. When we’ve signed we will send you the first month’s rent within 24 hours.

Lyvly is a lifestyle, a community, experiences, partnerships and much more. The teams make our daily life easier so we can focus on what really matters. We care for each others and it feels like a family. This lifestyle is highly addictive and has the power to make you happy!

Mina, Brixton
Finance + Lifestyle Blogger

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