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Quality tenants who stay for the long-term

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“Lyvly definitely kept all its promises, and then some. I’ve been really impressed from start to finish”


"Lyvly is much more than just a home to come to each day, it really does make you feel like part of something bigger!"


“Lyvly don’t just do their job, they go the extra mile. It’s been an absolute delight to deal with them”


"In our house we do fun really well, we do hugs, we do love, we do late night TV watching, we do cooking and chilling. It's a second family we are all happy to have."


“Lyvly is great. Being able to come back every day to a close community and a clean, beautiful home is priceless. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else”

We take care of beautiful houses and apartments across London for landlords that want trusted tenants and low void periods.

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If you own properties in London our team can quickly work out with you if your property is a good fit for our model.

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Our approach

Our landlords

We save you time and look after your property.
“Given my 25 years in the property business. I found Lyvly to be professional and their quality and of work is excellent.”
- Lyvly Partner

Our tenants

Our residents are fully vetted, ambitious professionals in the middle of their careers that want to live in a beautiful, furnished Lyvly home for the long-term.
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Quality homes

We’re are interested in a range of home sizes and apartments across London. We are selective about about the quality of homes we take into the portfolio and can advise on improvements.

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What is shared living and who will the residents be?
Why should I choose Lyvly and not another company?
What kind of properties are suitable?
How fast is the process?
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Is your property Lyvable?

If you own properties in London, our team can confirm whether your property works for us

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